The Bryn is a flat pack system that easily converts to various layout configurations. The system can be modified at any time to accommodate panel monitor displays.

It is Simple ,efficient and adaptable. The Bryn curbs real estate costs and adapts spaces quickly to changing business conditions.

The Bryn product range can meet all custom requirements from back office staff to full training environments without any compromises to components, style or ability.

In addition to these key features, The Bryn has strong architectural aesthetics, enhanced aluminum extrusions and soft work top edges in polyurethane moldings while the design still offers the flexibility to allow third party design influences.

Here, the team’s workplace is the focal point instead of the individual workplace. It motivates and inspires. A clear structure of table tops and supports, which accepts space as it is. Substantial dimensions without unnecessary details.

The system consists of end legs and intermediary inset legs which run along the beams. A wide choice of benching configurations across a wide choice of esthetics and finish options are available. End and middle intermediate legs establish elasticity and multiple module sizes. The framework’s interior structure provide strength and support to all internal / external components.

The key to a truly successful bench desk system is ease of use, and the effortless ability to accommodate new technology. The Bryn achieves this goal, incorporating sliding tops as standard. IT professionals will appreciate

The Bryn’s advanced wire management facilities, which are fully tested to meet the rigorous demands of BS 6396: 2002. The strength of the bench is also assured, meeting both BS EN 527 and BS 4875 part 4.

The functional accessories allow the product to be as sophisticated as needed.

Timeless, professional sophistication, combining the latest technology with style and comfort.

Using space defining solutions to meet group communication requirements.

The Bryn has a steel cable tray which is very convenient to access your cables.

The Bryn has a compact design, so it has extra legroom below the work top.

The Bryn uses an array of materials allowing the structural elements and shapes to be smaller and more compact thus allowing more room in the desk void.

Designed from the start to make an impression, with floating top detail, and elegant frame structure, BenchOne’s benching is a working platform that attempts to re-define the philosophy of horizontal and vertical space management.