The Bruce :
We’ve got great legs! Legs are the key to The Bruce 4in1 Desking System. First, the legs are made out of aluminium. Second, the legs have ingenious design that allows for the overall system modularity. Third, the legs are simple, which dramatically decreases the number of fabricated components versus similar desks on the market.

The Bruce 4in1 Desking System has been designed to:

  • A lightweight Desk that is less than the weight of many comparable desks.
  • A Configurable Desk to include sit/stand function, doors, end panels and many other options.
  • A Retrofitable Desk Retrofitting in the field is simple, allowing for upgrades or changes.
  • An Affordable Desk
  • An Aesthetic Desk, Simple, Clean. Uncluttered


The Bruce 4in1 goes from sitting to standing in just a few seconds, letting you change positions with ease.
The programmable memory keypad features a digital read out of precision adjustments. Four preset positions are available along with safety features.
Just push and hold the up button to get your preset height. Designed by our in-house engineers, the sturdy frame and reliable motors housed in each leg make The Bruce the most stable desk you will find.
The desk work top easily supports up to 355lbs.

The Bruce 4in1 Desking System has been designed to be IT friendly with multiple cable paths lift-out access panels on fixed work tops allowing easy access to electrical and data equipment stored within the desk cable through sliding work tops with common fixings to fixed or sliding tops utilize a central air plenum voiding hot air into the room away from the user through natural convection for heavier equipment users optional additional climate control via fans.

The Bruce maximizes under-desk space which means expansion or reconfiguration will always be possible, providing plenty of space for all current and future computing equipment.
Lift-out access panels or sliding work tops allow for easy access to electrical and data equipment stored within the wire management cable tray.
Optional CPU slings and mobile CPU trolleys allow for quick and easy user access to the front PC drive bays and data ports.
End frames can be totally open concept inlay end panels in powder coated metal / frosted glass and or wood grain laminate panels.
An integrated aluminium monitor mounting track mounts our PlanArm flat screen mounting arms. Glass center divider panels are available in frosted clear and smoked finishes.

Single Open Desk
Sliding work surface with personal power flexible cable riser

Back Office Desk
Multiple CPUs
Open desk void for easy access
Steel cable tray

Operations Desk
Central ventilation flue
Center mounted double tier PlanArm mounting arms
Desktop connectivity module
Horizontal track rail system