The Bruce 4in1

Anyone concerned with ergonomics, job satisfaction and productivity should seriously consider the benefits provided by The Bruce 4 in 1. This system is designed to manage the demands of highly specialized workplaces. The easy, quiet and smooth operation fits perfectly in workplaces where height adjustable desks are needed and adjusting the desks must not disturb colleagues. Bench One has created The Bruce 4 in 1 design aesthetic with clean, contemporary lines and colors. It provides maximum leg room, unmatched ergonomics and intelligent cable management.

The Bruce 4 in 1 is designed for in-the-desk technology with access doors or not and a large base clearance that allow CPU carts to freely enter and exit the desk frame base void as well as technology compartments that have been integrated into the structure of the legs. Lift-out access panels, or sliding work tops, allow easy access to electrical and data equipment stored within the desk cable tray. It is a 4 in 1 desking system that on day 1 can be a fixed height desk and on day 2, an electric lift desking system.

Featuring drop and lock assembly of major desk components, The Bruce 4 in 1 desking system is constructed of additive components. The user is able to start immediately with a simple desk that can be fitted out differently in the future as the user’s needs change with only a simple swap out of a few components. It is simple and quick to assemble with no special tools required. The Bruce 4 in 1 offers flexibility in the size, depth and width of its work surfaces which are easily changed to suit the user’s requirements, without affecting the assembly or requiring modifications to remaining desk components.

  • A Lightweight Desk that is less than half the weight of many comparable desks.
  • A Configurable Desk to include sit/stand functions, doors, end panels and many other options.
  • A Retrofitable Desk Retrofitting in the field is simple, allowing for upgrades or changes as the customers’ needs evolve.
  • An Affordable Desk
  • An Aesthetic Desk Clean. Uncluttered.

The Bruce 4 in 1 desking system meets the challenges of today’s commercial desking market…interchangeable, modular and efficient…and at the same time, ergonomically designed, flexible, sustainable and affordable.