Creative, Knowledgeable and a Collaborative Industry Leader.

That’s who we are.

We are BD Solutions, L.L.C. Our mission is to design unique furniture solutions where people meet technology in the work place. We offer products created to satisfy the unique needs of the companies that we have listened to and worked with throughout our company’s proud history.With over 40 years of continuous improvement in innovative, integrated production processes, via state-of-the-art manufacturing suppliers and technologies, BenchOne has become one of the best tailored technology furniture suppliers in the industry.

Products range from Electric Lift Desking, Office Benching, Trading Desks, Flat Screen Mounting Arms, and Conference Room Furniture to Office Electrics and Data/Power Connectivity Solutions. BenchOne has designed and sold some of the most glamorous technology furniture interiors to many top financial trading houses including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Daiwa Securities, Merrill Lynch, Nations Bank/Bank of America, Wachovia, Montgomery Securities, Nomura, CSFB, BNP and 2,000 more trading firms during its proud history.

Current operations take care of the entire process, from initial concept to the final product delivery and setup. In house design capabilities include 2D space plans, 3D Visuals and sign-off drawings plus project management.

Our clients include major companies and global institutions, as well as government agencies. However, no matter what size the trading room or control room, our products and services are developed around your specific needs.

A directly employed team of industry experts maintain full responsibility for all project management and procurement requirements.

The Team

The team’s core group of ownership and management has a combined 40 years of experience in technology and furniture solutions design. The original team has been exposed to every possible scenario which has led to a streamlined design process backed by the most up to date manufacturing partners. The team couples product knowledge with trend awareness, and compounds it all with years of experience to deliver an award winning desk design.

In order to be competitive, innovation is key. The team has worked at designing efficient products that ensure the work spaces look, feel and function to peak performance. Years of experience has enabled costs to be competitive without sacrifice to quality.

Our Mission

01. To become a leading provider of Office, Financial, Corporate, Health Care and Educational market desking furniture

Our project management team is an experienced in-house team. Our Project Managers provide comprehensive day-to-day management of every client, even before award of contract. A Project Manager is assigned sole responsibility of your project and becomes your primary contact.

02. Placing design at the heart of our business

Our Design Studio prepares proposal design drawings on Auto CAD to illustrate desk design as well as any future change and/or add on requirements. Our designers also assist the Project Managers in providing site surveys, addressing client needs and providing analysis reports.

03. We work in partnership with Clients, Architects & Designers to deliver the highest quality furniture to exacting standards

Our Project Engineer creates ongoing design and component manufacturing drawings, as well as specialized customer component designs for specific client requirements. Working with the Project Manager, the Installation Manager supervises a dedicated Site Supervisor to manage on-site operations during delivery and installation. The Site Supervisor is on site for the duration of the installation to answer client inquiries and coordinate the Installation Team. Site Supervisors receive all deliveries to ensure the products have arrived damage free to the job site. Project Managers perform site surveys after installation to notify clients of possible damage, proper operation products and to ensure client satisfaction. During these surveys, Project Managers also inform clients of product improvements and innovations for future projects.